New Year 2022 – In Light of Eternity

Another New Year has dawned though it seems that we have pretty much landed in 2022 directly from 2019. The past 2 years had shaken the very foundations of many and have got them to think of the purpose of life and assess their priorities. This generation will never forget how our world turned upsideContinue reading “New Year 2022 – In Light of Eternity”

Abuse Against Women – Reasons and Solutions

Three Dowry-related Deaths in Kerala Over 24 Hours Stirs Anger, SIT to Probe Cases “24-year old Vismaya V Nair was found dead in Kiran’s house early Monday, days after she shared on WhatsApp chats with close relatives alleged torture by her husband”. “At Vallikunnam in Alappuzha, 19-year-old Suchitra was found hanging at her in-law’sContinue reading “Abuse Against Women – Reasons and Solutions”

Accountability – A Christian Perspective

Webster’s Dictionary defines “accountability” as “the quality or state of being accountable; an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions.” Accountability doesn’t mean punishment. Accountability is a willingness to accept responsibility for our own actions. This word carries a lot of weight and it isn’t an easy task. However, by the very definition it is clear that it is aContinue reading “Accountability – A Christian Perspective”